Guests may participate in the following sports, recreation and entertainment activities in the territory of the guesthouse and camping:

    - play football, basketball and sand volleyball;
    -swim in the pond located next to the guesthouse or go to the beach 500 m away and immerse in the sea;
    - smoke fish in the smoke-house next to the guesthouse;
    - grill meat, fish, vegetables on coals or wood-heated grills available for our guests;
    - prepare meal themselves in the kitchen area in the guesthouse or agree on the breakfast preparation and serving according to your wishes;
    -  play croquet in the guesthouse territory;
    - slowly enjoy rest and amazing sunsets on one of two terraces next to the guesthouse;
    -  enjoy wet wood-heated sauna;
    -  heat in the oak tub;
    -  in autumn pick up bilberries and chanterelle in the surrounding woods;
    - engage into bird watching near Engure under guidance by notifying in advance to info@motacilla.lv or visiting www.motacilla.lv;
    -  cycle with your own bike and see places of interest in the area. Guests may choose cycling routes according to their own discretion or we may recommend our routes and provide with maps of the area and developed routes.

When coming to “Piejūras Nams” you may choose whatever you desire. There is no such thing as impossible. Inform us in advance about your special wishes, we shall agree on the price and take care of making your wishes come true and ensuring you have the time of your life while staying at “Piejūras Nams”.

Sightseeing places:

    -   Lake Engure Nature Park – one of the most beloved places for fisherman and nature lovers in Latvia;
    -   Skiing hill “Milzkalns” and “Jēkaba grava”;
    -   Marija Hill or Engure Castle Mound (archaeological monument of State significance);
    -   Engure Church (built in 1804, one of a few wooden churches);
    -  Monument of Johan Peter Brandt, teacher at Engure Church School and author of Engure Chronicles. Erected in 1853. Art monument of State significance;
    -  Rest-house of Russian Empress Elizabeth — bathhouse in the village Plieņciems (cultural and historical monument);
    -   Graveyard of Finnish soldiers in Klapkalnciems;
    -   Rideļi mills;
    -   Yellow cedar pines;
    -   Lāčupīte arboretum;
    -   Plieņciems white dune.


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